Sunday, 5 December 2010

The key to happiness

I consider myself quite rare in that I have a very defined definition of happiness. It is as follows:
  • A car
  • Money in the bank
  • A good companion
  • Sat Nav
I'm a woman of modest needs I'm sure you'll agree. And yet you'd be surprised at how few of the above I've actually got.


  1. You're missing something! Even if you had a car, some sat navs, a driving companion and £££ you'd still need a destination...defining *that* could be your philosophical festive-period homework.

    Personally, I'd go to Alton Towers every time.

  2. Do you know, that's exactly what I did over Christmas. I now have a list of destinations set to catipult me to great heights of happiness.

    I'm flattered that you thought me above just needing to sit in the car, with companion, playing with the sat nav though.