Sunday, 31 January 2010

Jog On Freak

I saw the strangest thing today. I was walking along the street just slightly behind a woman who, from what I could make out, looked perfectly normal. I’m quite a fast walker (for that read impatient) - so was she. It was one of those annoying situations where the person in front is only very slightly slower than you. You’re left with 2 choices:

1) Break into a jog to get past. Somewhat freakish.
2) Continue at your normal pace but suffer the uncomfortable minute or so that it takes to get past.

The latter is a sticky social encounter. You’re both aware that the other is there but on no account must you look at, or in any way acknowledge, the other. It’s uncomfortable but do-able for the dedicatedly aloof.

I made my choice and decided I was going to take her. I had good walking shoes on, she was no match. I hadn’t even got level with her when she suddenly broke into a jog and raced on ahead. She opted for the freak’s choice!

I was a momentarily perturbed I was otherwise unbothered.

Until a guy who has been about 20 feet away from this incident, walking towards us, got to us both. He looked at her with a neutral expression, then got to me and gave me a look that would have been more fitting had I run up behind her a squeezed her arse. And I thought, “Typical”.

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