Friday, 6 August 2010

Answering nature's call

I believe in the power of nominative determinism and it's all thanks to Samantha Fountain. Who else could have brought us the Shewee - the device designed to help ladies go for a wee wee standing up?

Isn't that unbelievably brilliant?? Apparently it's being considered by Cambridgeshire Police so that female officers can...
"stand up at public toilets and avoid unhygienic seats, or use a convenient container when a toilet is unavailable."
...but we all know that means pissing up a tree.

Part of the sales pitch says that it means no more "embarrassing bare bottoms" but given that it's talking about a scenario where one gets caught I'm not sure how much less embarrassing being seen weeing through a plastic tube might be. Only one way to find out I guess.

But it's not just a practical item, in case you were wondering what else you might do with it outside of long car journeys and when you're walking home drunk and forgot to go to the loo in the pub. We are also blessed with an opportunity to brag - man stylee. If I was going to get one, I'd definitely go for a Shewee Extreme. And then I'd swagger around the place shouting about the size of my "longer length outlet pipe".


  1. This is one of my all-time favourite pieces of design (alongside the awesome folding plug) - elegant, revolutionary and slap-yourself-on-the-forehead simple. Surely these things will be ubiquitous once society gets used to the idea, but one part of the user guide on the official website did make me wonder what kind of teething troubles they'd been having:

    "The Shewee should be held outside the body at all times."

  2. Did you see it on Dragon's Den? Because I didn't and sincerely wish I had. I'm liking the folding plug too and anyone who's ever stood on a normal one with bare feet will appreciate the genius.

    As for the website comment, not only do I have several mind-paralysing images racing through my brain about what they were doing internally, I also wonder if the emphasis was on "held". Were people trying for a 'look no hands' balancing trick?

  3. I think I might have seen the DD pitch...can't remember too well. It was years ago. I think a few of them just couldn't accept it and told her it would flop; the others thought it was genius.

    Hands free operation would be a big plus. There's something incredibly satisfying about punching the air with both fists whilst urinating from a tall building. It's something that 50% of the population will never experience.

  4. I think you've just invented the strap on Shewee. I'm in!

  5. You may be interested to know the results of an experiment involving a fiancée, a birthday and a shewee. It went something like this:

    offence -> disgust -> curiosity -> relief -> intense joy -> emancipation

    I settled for the standard version rather than the Extreme. It seemed safer, in terms of envy avoidance.

  6. You start a comment featuring the words "experiment" and "fiancée" and wonder if I may be interested??

    But I need more details. Colour? Size? Are there plans to bulk buy for the hen night? If so, will they have tiny L plates on them?